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Have you come across a stone while travelling or on a walk that you found interesting or simply beautiful? Then join in! Send us a photo of your stone and share your common story with us. The more people participate, the richer our collection will be. Invite friends and family all over the world to join us on our travels.

We look forward to your travel stones!

Please find an instruction here:

Please note that in some countries and places taking stones from nature is prohibited and punishable by law. Please inform yourself about the local legal requirements. And even where permitted, it may only be done in small quantities and for personal use. Ideally you should only take beautiful photos of stones with you. It is generally forbidden to remove processed, antique stones from their surroundings.

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The submission will be published with your first name and place of residence, but without your contact details.


Enter the name of the place where you found the stone as precisely as possible: e.g. location/place: Etna, Sicily; country: Italy.
Upload up to three close-ups of the stone. The image should be sharp and as high resolution as possible. Ideally use a white or light background (e.g. light sand, white cloth or paper).

For a better assessment of the rock type, it helps to have several photos of the stone.
When uploading several images (max. 3 files of 8 MB each) please select all files at the same time.
Upload up to three nature photographs of the location where you found the stone, preferably with a horizon and in landscape format. The landscape should be recognizable, e.g. a beach, mountain or your garden; with or without people.
When uploading several images (max. 3 files of 8 MB each) please select all files at the same time.
Please upload only images for which you have the rights of use. focus Terra declines any responsibility in case of copyright infringement.
Enter a short, creative and meaningful title for your personal story. Ideas can be found under Stories. 0/ 25
Write your personal story about the stone and the place where you found it or the journey. Ideas: Why did you choose the stone for the exhibition? Why and with whom did you go to the location where it was found? What do you like to remember when you think of the journey? What does the memory mean to you? 0/ 400
If you know the geology of the stone, you can write the text here. Or tell us possible hints or assumptions of what kind of stone it could be.
Do you have any further information for us?

By submitting your information, you transfer the rights on your images and stories to focus Terra and agree to their publication.